Facilities Overview


The Library advances and enriches student learning, contributes to teaching excellence and supports research success at SMV Global. We have our own tutorial books relating to the studies in our library.


SMV Global also provides hostel facilities, which is located few minutes from the college. This helps the students to actually stay nearby without have to travel back to home everyday.

Classroom Theory

We provide a conducive learning environment for the students, so that they are comfortable when they are in the classroom during the lesson. This will enable them to feel better and more concentrated on their subjects.

Classroom Practical

Our practical classroom is equipped with the most advance equipment needed for the course usage to enhance the student’s knowledge in which program they are studying.


Just right beside our campus, they are many restaurants and food stalls. This ease the students more as they do not need to travel far to get their food.


Nearby, our college in a few minutes distance there is a bus stop where student can use the public bus facilities to come to the college for their classes.

Professional Education Programs

The mission of Facilities and Campus Services is to operate, maintain and improve the physical assets of SMV Global College in a professional and efficient manner with a focus on students.